Mark Hoppus says he's "open" to Blink-182 reuniting with Tom DeLonge

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Wednesday, 1 December 2021, 7:03AM
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Mark Hoppus has had a scary, and inspiring, year. He was diagnosed with stage four diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in April and revealed he was cancer-free four months later. He told his brave story to GQ as part of the magazine's annual Men of the Year series. Of course, during the conversation the topic of Tom DeLonge reuniting with blink-182 came up, and this time Mark actually addressed it.

“We haven’t really talked about that, but I’m open to anything in the future,” he said, but there's a catch: they wouldn't be kicking Matt Skiba out to bring Tom back. They'd play as a quartet. ​“I don’t know how that would work if it’s all four of us. Like, we’re all going to live in the same house again?”

Though there haven't been any serious discussions, Tom seems pretty dead set on playing music with his former bandmates again. "It's so funny, blink is like, we're there and then we're gone, and then we're there, and then we're gone. I feel like I'm always talking about some kind of reunion," he said during a recent interview. "I mean, we always talk about playing together again, and I think that that's definitely something we're all interested in. Finding the time to do it, where it lines up with everybody's priorities, is really all that's needed. And getting Mark healthy again, getting him strong again. But, yeah, I'm down. I think those guys are down. I think just finding the time to do it, and when, is really what what we've got to figure out."

For now, the trio is more focused on Mark's health. In the GQ story, Tom recalled having an unintentional "band meeting" at Mark's house after he and Travis Barker found out about his diagnosis.

“We got into more life stuff. What we’ve learned over the years about ourselves. How we’ve grown, how nothing really matters when it boils down to what we were dealing with in that moment," he explained “And so, it wasn’t some big meeting about blink-182, it was more about brothers meeting and saying,​ ‘How do we support Mark?’ ”

Speaking of support, Mark couldn't be more grateful for his fans. “I’m totally overwhelmed with the support and love,” he said. ​“I don’t know. People online I have never met sending support. Cancer survivors of the same lymphoma that I had even put together a video where they covered a blink song, and it made me cry.”

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