Mick Fleetwood signs on to Executive Produce music drama for TV

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Monday, 24 January 2022, 8:44AM
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Fleetwood Mac cofounder Mick Fleetwood has signed as an executive producer on a new musical drama for Fox television.

Titled 13 Songs, the series chronicles rocker Jasper Jones and his band the Grift as they attempt to smooth over long-standing differences and record one more album following Jones' terminal cancer diagnosis.

The show has a script already and will be directed by Jonathan Prince and Will Reiser. Fox has been working for some time to develop another scripted music show to follow the success of Empire. The network as a country drama titled Monarch premiering next fall.

Fleetwood, who knows a thing or two about keeping a band together, is helping to develop the series with creative ideas and music.

The television project comes as the future of Fleetwood Mac is somewhat in doubt. While Fleetwood himself is enthusiastic about touring again, his bandmates aren't so certain.

Singer/keyboardist Christine McVie said last winter that Stevie Nicks, bassist John McVie and herself are all ready to retire after the time off due to the pandemic.

"I don't know if I can get myself back into it again," Christine admitted to the BBC.

Nicks subsequently canceled her 2021 touring plans and left her future as a live performer up in the air.

This article was first published on iheart.com and is republished here with permission

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