Next Deftones single will be a "banger"

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Tuesday, 1 September 2020, 8:47AM

Deftones' new album, Ohms, is due out September 25, and the band has a few surprises left.

According to someone close to the band, the next single is going to heavily draw from Deftones' metal roots.

DJ C-Minus revealed during a recent Twitch livestream that the next new Deftones single is a song called "Genesis," and it's a doozy.

"I've heard about 6 or 7 songs Steph [Carpenter, guitarist] played me and it's... The next single 'Genesis' is a f---ing banger. Heavy. Screaming. Rad. All that."

Following a mixed response to the band's previous album, Gore in 2016 — an album which saw Carpenter's role reduced — frontman Chino Moreno explained that Deftones would aim for a more guitar-driven album with Ohms.

The title track, released about two weeks ago, revolves around variations on a Carpenter riff. Moreno said the song "Ohms" was a good primer for the album.

"That yin and yang of what we've always done of making very brutal music while having these lush overtones and undertones within it is what makes us who we are," he told NME.

One of Deftones' most beloved and commercially-successful albums is 2009's Diamond Eyes, which is also among the band's heaviest efforts.

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