Pearl Jam play gig at Zoo, neighbours unhappy on behalf of Meerkats

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Wednesday, 17 November 2021, 9:30AM
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While performing at a private 40th birthday bash at the Fort Worth Zoo, Pearl Jam appeared to have brought the house down with a loud performance. Neighbors who live around the Zoo have since been making complaints about the performance, saying that the show was too loud.

While the Fort Worth Zoo has stated they only received three formal complaints as of Monday morning, others opted to take to social media to make their complaints about the noise. Those who lived more than a mile away from the zoo stated they could clearly hear the performances, and they wondered how the noise would affect the animals who lived on the premises.

"The meerkats will revolt," one person wrote in their complaint. Another user said that they "wonder about animal PTSD... you know a lot of them aren't going to be the same after that kind of torture."

According to the zoo's assistant director of communications, Avery Elander, the animals had been monitored during a soundcheck on Friday afternoon, as well as during the birthday bash. "No animals were observed having adverse reactions or different behavior," Elander had said in a statement to The Dallas Morning News.

The Fort Worth Zoo regularly hosts private parties to help supplement its funds. According to Elander, "animals are habituated to these kinds of parties," and they are not usually disturbed.

In other recent news, Pearl Jam brought in former Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer, to join the band. Klinghoffer began performing with Pearl Jam for live performances just this past September, and the new guitarist has raved about his new bandmates. "My bedroom wall when I was like 11, 12, 13 years old was all these people," Klinghoffer said of joining the band. "I feel like I've known these guys for 30 years already, I don't know if that will make it work better or not."

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