Silverchair drummer has fans convinced that the band is reuniting

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Wednesday, 2 February 2022, 3:06PM
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Is Silverchair reuniting? Drummer Ben Gillies' latest Instagram post certainly makes it seem that way. He shared a time-lapsed video that shows him setting up a drum kit in a studio. The caption was simply "Good morning" but it was the hashtag that got fans excited: #Silverchair

The timing really would be perfect, as 2022 is a significant year for many reasons: It marks the 30th anniversary of Silverchair's formation, the 25th anniversary of their sophomore album Freak Show, the 20th anniversary of 2002’s Diorama and the 15th anniversary of 2007’s Young Modern.

In fact, earlier this month Gillies reminisced about the making of the Freak Show single "Freak."

"25 years ago today we released the single Freak," he wrote on Instagram. "I remember band rehearsal above my parents garage. We called it the loft. Dan turned up with a riff & a rough melody. Then we all started jamming and moulding the song. At the time, it was my favourite drum part that I came up with. After some nips & tucks from management and some pre production, it became the track you know today"

Frontman Daniel Johns is prepping his debut solo album FutureNever, and fans thought Gillies could be working on that, but he denied involvement. So what else could it be other than a Silverchair reunion? We'll have to wait and see.

Check out Gillies' post below.

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