The Killers confirm their new album is "finished" and "coming this year"

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Monday, 12 April 2021, 4:05PM
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The Killers have been laying pretty low after teasing new music at the beginning of the year, but it looks like they're still hard at work in the studio. As NME points out, frontman Brandon Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. gave fans an update on when they can expect new music during a recent Instagram Live Q&A.

“I mean it’s finished, yeah. We’re basically in the mastering phase,” Flowers said about the record. “It will come out this year. We were hoping for an early summer release, but the vinyl manufacturing companies are all inundated with the artists who held their albums back because of COVID. Now they’re all trying to get their albums out and are making this push. We want to release everything simultaneously, so we’re running into a wall.”

“It will be [released] this year, and it is finished,” he reiterated.

“It gives us time to make tweaks. It’s good and it’s different," Vannucci Jr. added. "I want to explore talking about the record, but we were told not to let the cat out of the bag too much.”

Flowers originally revealed that they were working on a new album last August — right after the band released Imploding The Mirage. “Every time someone makes a record they say that they have 50 songs and they’re going to release another record. We really are,” he told NME at the time. Since then, The Killers have unveiled what looks to be the upcoming project's tracklist and confirmed guitarist Dave Keuning's return to the band after stepping away to pursue a solo career.

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