The Killers plan to release their "very different" new album in August

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Friday, 18 June 2021, 9:01AM

The Killers have been teasing their seventh studio album all year long, and though we still haven't gotten any concrete details about the project, we now know it's coming out in August, and according to drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. it's going to be "very different" than what we're used to hearing from the band.

“[Imploding The Mirage was released] last August, we have another one coming out this August,” he divulged during a visit to the Sarah Hagan Backstage podcast. “Well, weirdly enough, we had this stockpile of songs that were sort of orphans off of the last record, but we’re saving those for the next record.”

“We instead made another record, which is a bit of a concept record and very different from the normal Killers stuff,” he added. “So we still have that stockpile [of songs] left, and we’re still writing more. It’s always good to have a few songs – or an album, even – lying around, just in case.”

The Killers plan to play Firefly Festival in September and have a slew of European tour dates planned, so fingers crossed a North American announcement is coming soon.

Listen to Vannucci Jr. discuss the new album at the 43:00 mark above.

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