The Offspring explain why their new album had to come out this year

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Monday, 19 April 2021, 8:48AM
Daveed Benito

Daveed Benito

After teasing new music for two years, The Offspring released their 10th studio album Let The Bad Times Roll on Friday (April 16). Ahead of its release, frontman Dexter Holland and guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman explained to SPIN why 2021 was the right time to release their latest collection of tunes, despite finishing the album last year.

“It’s almost like the time had to be right for this record for whatever reason it just wasn’t right until now,” Holland admitted before adding: “Where we’re at in the world is just a sort of onslaught of bad news and bad things. ‘Let the Bad Times Roll’ sounds like an attitude amongst the people who are like ‘Bring it! What else you got?!’”

“It speaks to where the world finds itself right now,” Wasserman said. “In a year or two, the songs might not mean as much, although I think they will…I think there’s a universal appeal to all of these songs.”

To celebrate the album's release, the SoCal punk rockers launched a three-level computer game called "The Offspring Arcade." Each level is based off a track from the record, and the fans with the highest levels score on April 23 will win "mega prizes." Play the arcade HERE!

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