Vax Together, Stay Together - Let's get back to live this summer Aotearoa!

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Friday, 8 October 2021, 6:18AM

CALLING ALL KIWIS… The Aotearoa live music, entertainment and concert sector needs your help!

With the current COVID-19 Delta outbreak our much-loved traditional summer of music, entertainment and festivals is in danger, and we are urging music fans and those who love going to any form of gigs to go get vaccinated now so we can all enjoy some awesome live tunes together again asap!

Aotearoa has been lucky in the fight against COVID-19 to say the least. The first half of 2021 has brought us many small and large-scale events in a time when the rest of the world was still in restriction. Because of our nation’s hard and fast approach to lockdowns we have been rewarded with the freedoms to socialise and enjoy live music and entertainment together. We want that to continue and there is only one way for that to happen.

Earlier this week, the New Zealand Government announced the roll-out of vaccination certificates in New Zealand, with a plan to launch in November this year. Commonly used overseas, the certificates would provide proof that individuals have been fully vaccinated, and the Government is likely to make the use of these certificates mandatory for large-scale events.

Artists throughout Aotearoa are getting on board and encouraging fans to get vaccinated now:

“Crowded House were truly blessed to play shows in Aotearoa NZ in March. Live concerts bring joy and freedom that lift the spirits of audience and artists alike. This summer NZ will be open again for concerts but you will need to be vaccinated against Covid. Come on everyone, we’ve had the vaccine, it's safe and it's keeping the ones we love safe” Neil Finn CROWDED HOUSE

From BENEE… “If you want to go to shows please get vaccinated! You’re not just protecting yourselves but others who may be vulnerable! This vaccine has been proven to reduce hospitalisations and deaths. I feel like I need to stand on this to protect my family, friend, band, my crew & my supporters, to keep all of them safe. Without the vaccine there wont be any shows! I’ve had mine! Get urs if u are able to pls.”

"Me kaha taatou ki te patu i a Korona ki te rongoaa aaraimate. Kia okaina ia o taatou, ka ora ai te ao puuoro.” Translation “We should all contribute to fight Covid19 by being vaccinated. Through this, our music industry will flourish again.” THEIA

“It’ll be seven years since Supergroove last played by the time Electric Avenue rolls around this February. We’re hoping everyone get’s vaxxed so we can party together with Lorde and the rest of an almighty line up in Ōtautahi! Ngā Mihi Aotearoa.” SUPERGROOVE

“For me getting the vaccine is all about protection - protecting the people who I love who cannot get vaccinated because they’re immunocompromised. Or because they’re ineligible, like my daughter who’s just about to turn 4. And after almost two years of not being able to tour internationally the vaccine gives me the best protection to be able to do the job that I love. I cannot wait to be on stage playing music

again here in Aotearoa, and the best way for us to get to that summer of gigs and dancing is to be vaccinated. For our whanau, for our communities, and for ourselves.” LADYHAWKE

"Sadly, our tour was cut short by the covid lockdown, keen to get it finished & start making plans for the future. Get your vax folks so we can all get back to gigging and grooving.” MAKO ROAD

We’re all united by the same vision: ending interruptions to our live entertainment culture by encouraging everybody to get vaccinated. We all have a part to play in getting back to the gigs, events, concerts and festivals we love.

“The only way to be sure we’re going to have safe live gigs in the future, is to have all of our artists and concert attendees vaccinated, so let’s get on with it.” BRENT ECCLES – Concert Promoter for Eccles Entertainment + Frontier Touring and President of the NZ Promoters Association

“Vaccinations are our ticket to live shows this summer. Most importantly, vaccination will be the key to keeping fans, artists and crew safe as we gather again for the quintessential Kiwi summer we all know and love.” MARK KNEEBONE – Managing Director, Live Nation New Zealand

“We in venue world are desperate to open the doors and let you all back in, come on NZ get the vaccine and let’s have some fun!” MARK GOSLING - EVANZ

“Crowds enjoying summer nights of Speedway Racing at Western Springs have been part of the Auckland entertainment scene since 1929. We encourage everyone who wants to get along and enjoy the action at the Springs this summer to play your part by getting vaccinated now” JOHN McCALLUM – Western Springs Speedway

Kiwis know that nothing beats live music… except, maybe, COVID. Get vaccinated for gigs now so we can have an epic summer in the sun with some of the best live music and entertainment that Aotearoa has to offer.

So, c’mon Aotearoa Vax Together, Stay Together #vaxforlive LET’S GET BACK TO LIVE!!!

Be part of the crowd and book now at and help us unite against COVID-19 and bring back live entertainment!

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