WATCH: Bruce Springsteen launches his Telecaster across the stage and accidentally hits his guitar tech in the head

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Friday, 17 February 2023, 10:24AM

To the average gig-goer, live performances – especially those hosted by prolific artists – come across as effortlessly flawless for one simple reason: they are rehearsed beyond belief. From stage movements to song transitions, the majority of shows are meticulously planned out and practiced.

Bruce Springsteen, one of music’s most accomplished livemen, was given a harsh reminder of that reality when he attempted to pull off a cool guitar throw mid-set, only to strike his poor guitar tech right on the head.

In a video captured by an attendee at Springsteen’s Atlanta concert earlier this month, The Boss can be seen winding up to throw a Fender Telecaster – not his iconic Born to Run model, thankfully – to his long-time tech Kevin Buell, just as he has done on countless occasions in the past.

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