WATCH: Rage Against the Machine Play to a Crowd of 20 Before Anyone Knew Them

Publish Date
Monday, 25 July 2022, 1:14PM

Every band obviously starts somewhere, but it’s always fascinating to see an arena-level band’s humble beginnings. And in this case, those humble beginnings were playing to a room of about 20 people in a record store called Zed Records. One other cool fun fact here is that Zack had only recently written the lyrics to ‘Settle For Nothing’, so he didn’t yet have them memorised and had to read off a sheet during the show.

Here's all the time stamps of the full set if you want to skip to your favourite:

0:44 – Bombtrack
5:10 – Darkness of Greed9:08 – Take The Power Back
14:57 – Bullet In Your Head
20:57 – Settle For Nothing 
25:25 – Killing in the Name 
36:28 – Know Your Enemy
41:56 – Freedom



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