Pink Floyd Fans a bit Pissy that an AI Generated Video Wins Animation Competition

Publish Date
Tuesday, 9 April 2024, 1:51PM

Perhaps Welcome To The Machine was an instructional guide? Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon turns 50 this year, and to celebrate the milestone the band held a competition to create new videos for each of the record’s tracks. Unfortunately, theres a fair amount of backlash heading towards the rock legends from fans and creatives across the globe because one of the winning videos was created using ‘AI’-created art.

The winning video is by Damián Gaume creating a piece for Any Colour you like, and the video is… interesting?… cool? I’m not sure how to describe it, I’m just an intern at a Radio station, no Arts Major here (i’ll include the video below)

The subject of AI being used in not just music but art as a whole (see our article on the Avengers of music teaming up to fight AI) as a creative tool – and the morality of using tools that are trained on human-created art without compensating said humans – is a hot-button issue right now, it’s no surprise that many fans were pissy with the band’s decision.

“A spit in the face of actual artists who poured their heart and soul into each frame of work they made and submitted for this competition,” one fan commented on the YouTube page for the video. “I’m absolutely disgusted.”

“Given the band’s history of working with artists and animators… disappointing,” another notes. Countless commenters are disappointed; “A band with almost 60 years of history creating art and it all comes down to this? Fucking over actual artists and rewarding this slop?”

What are your thoughts on the video, disappointed or do you think its actually kind of cool?


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