Neil Finn Suggests John Oliver Should Mock Max Key's Shoot

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016, 9:18PM

Kiwi music legend Neil Finn has called out US talkshow host John Oliver to revisit his mockery of our prime minister in light of his son Max Key's latest photo shoot.

Finn tweeted "come on @iamjohnoliver Our prime Minister thinks his son looks cool in this photo", with a link to the Herald story on the John Key's defence of his son's controversial shoot.

In it the younger Key, 21, poses with a cigarette, which appears in Remix Magazine alongside an indepth interview.

The prime minister has found himself mocked by Oliver numerous times before.

During the scandal that erupted after Mr Key apologised for tugging on the ponytail of a waitress, Oliver said Key senior couldn't pass any dangling hair without pawing at it.

"He's more cat than Prime Minister at this point."

Oliver's show has previously had a go at Mr Key and the National Party when it was called out over the similarity between its campaign song and an Eminem track, and he has also had a crack at the flag debate.

He called Mr Key's admission that he wees in the shower to the Hauraki Breakfast show the "greatest political interview of all time".

NZ Herald

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