Seth Rogen Fan Takes Stalking To the Next Level With Inception-Style Pic

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Thursday, 5 May 2016, 3:45PM

One Seth Rogen fan has gone the extra mile to get his photo taken with the actor - over and over and over again.

College student Ted - who wished to keep his last name private - has had his photo taken with the Bad Neighbours star three years in a row, with Rogen holding a print of the previous pic, creating what some are calling a "Sethception".

The photo - which was originally inspired by a photo in which a fan recreated his photo with comedian Doug Benson - was posted to Reddit and people loved it.

source: reddit

One Reddit user commented that Rogen seemed to enjoy the photo just as much as the fan: "You can see that he's becoming more genuinely enthusiastic from each picture - first one's obligatory, second one's bemused, third one's genuinely into it. Love it.'

While another added "I can literally hear Seth Rogan laughing in this picture. "Hua-hua-hua-hua."

According to Rogen has visited the University of Vermont for the past three years after Ted and his fraternity brothers raised money to donate to Rogen's Hilarity for Charity, which benefits people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

Ted was ready to get snapped with Rogen every time.

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