300 new words have been added to Dictionary.com including slay, sext & dad bod

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Friday, 7 April 2017, 8:58AM
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Photo / Getty

If this doesn't define the 21st century then we don't know what will! Whoever decides what words are apart of Dictionary.com is bloody loopy. Our kids don't need to grow up with the words 'dabbing', 'bitchface' and 'man bun' apart of their every day vocab! If you think these words are ridiculous then check out some of the other words that have been added...

  • alt-right
  • cat café
  • cheat day
  • clicktivist
  • cold brew
  • dad bod
  • friendiversary
  • hangry
  • K-pop
  • Kush
  • lightsaber
  • mic drop
  • petrichor
  • sext
  • slay
  • smackdown
  • stochastic terrorism
  • struggle bus
  • superfood
  • teachable moment
  • uncanny valley

Cat café - What the f*uck!?

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