$80 Fine For Pokemon Go And Drive

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Thursday, 14 July 2016, 9:43AM
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It takes a lot to surprise police, but even they surprised themselves when they posted about Pokemon Go.

On their Waikato Police District Facebook page this morning, they wrote about the penalty a motorist will face if they ever dared to Pokemon and drive.

"I never thought in my lifetime I'd be posting a road safety message like this.. But here it is.

"Remember that if we catch you Pokemoning while driving it will be an $80 fine for using your cellphone while driving. You will most likely also get a shoulder shrug and a head shake. Be safe."

Pokemon Go is a smartphone-based augmented reality game in which players are required to visit "PokeStops" and "PokeGyms" dotted around public spaces to collect valuable items and battle other opponents.

Police aren't the first Government agency to have to take the unusual step of reminding Pokemon Go users of the dangers of chasing down the animated characters.

ACC has also come out and reminded people to take care while walking, to watch where they going.

"As Pokemania sweeps across the country, so does the likelihood of injury.

"While minor injuries have already been reported overseas, ACC is yet to receive any Zubat, Pikachu or other Pokemon-related claims - and we don't want you to be the first."

Overseas, some people have suffered horrific injuries while being so engrossed in catching the digital critters.

In Australia, hundreds of people crowded into Peg Patterson Park in the waterside suburb of Rhodes in Sydney upsetting locals who were annoyed at the noise and mess left behind.

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