Fire At Christchurch Power Station, Reports Of Explosion

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Monday, 15 February 2016, 3:22PM

Billows of smoke are coming out of Christchurch's main power substation.

A fire service spokesman confirmed the blaze was an oil fire at the Islington substation.

Shift manager Brett Dunn said the fire had produced a lot of smoke, but was in a “secure location” meaning it was unlikely to spread.

The quantity of oil is presently unknown.

Fire crews have been brought in from throughout the city to help battle the blaze using foam, and there are currently seven crews at the scene.

Mr Dunn said there have been no reports of injuries and police had cordoned off Roberts Rd.

The fire was called in by multiple members of the public about 1.30pm, and there had been reports of an explosion, Mr Dunn said.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.

Edward O’Driscoll saw black smoke billowing from the substation about 1.30pm, as he was driving along Christchurch’s Main South Rd.

He said other witnesses had reported hearing an explosion.

11-year-old Brooklyn Morgan was at home when he saw the Islington substation go up in smoke.

"I was walking around inside, it sounded like gunshots. I heard bangs, and came outside, and could see smoke coming from across the road."

He did not see flames and said by about 2pm he could no longer see smoke in the area.

“Traffic was backed up, I think there were quite a few sight seers watching,” Mr O’Driscoll said. 

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