Government Reviews Taxi Company Laws

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015, 9:46AM
Source - NewsPixNZ/NZ Herald

Source - NewsPixNZ/NZ Herald

The Government's stepping in to review the laws around taxi companies.

The arrival of Uber on the market, allowing passengers to order private cars on their smart phone for a fixed fare, has upset the regulated taxi industry.

Uber's complained to the Police Complaints Authority about passengers being thrown out of cars by the police, because the drivers aren't licensed.

Taxi companies are upset at the new player and Associate Minister Craig Foss says he'll now take a look at the rules.

"There are very, very strong views on either side and I'm just quite happy to sit in the middle, actually, and talk with professional, rational people, who by and large everyone here is and we'll come to the right solution."

Foss says he'll be taking a look at the rules.

"They are interested in Uber's arrival and what that means for their own businesses of course, as they'll be participating in any policy change or this review."

Foss told Newstalk ZB's Mike Hosking the review isn't about trying to push Uber out of the market, but about ensuring the rules around new technology are up to date.

"Even traditional taxis you can now have apps to get a taxi, find a taxi. And that's all good and so, but we have to make sure the rules are flexible enough.

"Mostly our rules and revs were written before apps and that were even considered, so we're trying to make sure that they're appropriate for today."

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