Isis Claims Responsibility, Warns Of More To Come

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Sunday, 15 November 2015, 10:04AM
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• At least 127 people killed in coordinated terror attacks 
• Isis claims responsibility, warns of more attacks to come
• Up to 100 were massacred in Bataclan concert hall
• Terrorists shouted "Allah Akbar" and "this is for Syria"
• French President has declared a state of emergency 
• Vows to "mercilessly" strike back
• Several people arrested in Belgium, in connection with the attacks 
• Listen live to Newstalk ZB's rolling coverage of the Paris attacks here

Isis has claimed responsibility for the coordinated terror attacks in Paris which killed at least 127 people, and warned that more will follow.

A statement released by the extremist group said it masterminded the horrifying attacks on the French capital in revenge for "insulting" the prophet Muhammad.

The terror group singled out France for its involvement in the bombing campaign against Isis territory in Iraq and Syria and said it murdered French citizens because the nation 'boasted' about its military contribution.

French President Francois Hollande also said Isis were behind the attacks, which he called "an act of war".

The statement, released as horror continued to mount at the slew of killings, said the bombing attack on the Stade de France was aimed specifically at Hollande.

It said an attack at the Bataclan Theatre, during a rock concert, was aimed at "idolaters" who were "together in a party of perversity" and said the French are Isis' "principal targets".

The statement, in French and Arabic, condemned France, saying they are at risk "as long as they dare to insult our Prophet, and as long as they boast about their war against Islam in France and their strikes against Muslims in the lands of the Caliphate with their jets, which were of no avail to them in the filthy streets and alleys of Paris".

Explaining its targets, the statement said: "Eight brothers equipped with explosive belts and assault rifles attacked precisely chosen targets in the centre of the capital of France.

"These targets included the Stade de France stadium during a soccer match - between the teams of Germany and France, both of which are crusader nations - attended by the imbecile of France (Francois Hollande).

"The targets included the Bataclan theatre for exhibitions, where hundreds of idolaters gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice. There were also simultaneous attacks in the tenth, eleventh and eighteenth districts, and elsewhere. Paris was thereby shaken beneath the crusaders' feet, who were constricted by its streets."

Isis claimed 200 people died in the attacks, though official estimates have so far given a lower total.

The claim - which appeared to be authentic - came after Hollande declared the attacks "an act of war" and promised to respond.

Belgium's federal prosecutor's office says authorities have so far made three arrests linked to the deadly attacks in Paris.

Spokesman Jean-Pascal Thoreau says the arrests at the Belgian border came after a car with Belgian license plates was seen close to the Bataclan theater in Paris on Friday night, one of the places where victims were killed.

He said it was a rental vehicle and police organised several raids in the St. Jans Molenbeek neighborhood in Brussels on Saturday.

In Greece, an employee at the Ministry of Citizen Protection says the fingerprints of the owner of the Syrian passport found at an attack site have been sent to French police.

Police are trying to see if they can match the fingerprints to the assailant, whose body was found nearby, or any other person known to police.

The agency said the person who owned the passport came into the European Union through the Greek island of Leros on October 3.

The same source, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because she was not authorised to comment on an investigation, discounted reports in Greek media that a second passport was found at the scene.

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