Judge denies Steven Avery's request for a new trial

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Thursday, 5 October 2017, 10:55AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Steven Avery’s request for a new trial has been denied. The judge declared “the defendant has failed to establish any grounds that would trigger the right to a new trial in the interests of justice. As such, no further consideration will be given to this issue.”

Making A Murderer subject, Steven Avery is serving a life sentence with zero chance of parole for the 2005 rape and murder of Teresa Halbach.

After the 10 part Netflix documentary, Making A Murderer conviction lawyer Kathleen Zellner took up his case and filed a 1,272-page motion for a new trial earlier this year that included claims of ineffective counsel from his appeal lawyer, prosecutorial violations, evidence tampering as well as new forensic evidence.

However, Judge Angela Sutkiewicz, who noted Avery had previously appealed on the basis of prosecutorial violations and been denied. Additionally, she decided the new forensic reports provided by Zellner weren’t convincing enough to justify re-opening the case.

Fortunately, Netflix will still be airing season two of Making A Murderer regardless of the denial of a new trial.

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