One Dead In South Auckland Explosion

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015, 3:11PM
Photo / Gia Garrick

Photo / Gia Garrick

The Fire Service has said that one person has died in a large explosion in south Auckland.

It said the explosion was 'huge' and was caused by welding.

Newstalk ZB's Gia Garrick is at the scene and said Bolderwood Road is cordoned off completely.

She said there are "at least 10 police vehicles and triple the amount of police" at the scene.

The explosion is believed to have taken place at a business called Salters - a waste oil recycling plant in Bolderwood Place.

Jim has a business two doors down and said the explosion blew out windows.

"We're probably 50 metres away and its blown all the windows out of one side of our building."

A St John spokesman said two road units along with two hazmat-trained personnel are at the scene.

We'll have more as it comes to hand.

The explosion was so big it was heard in Botany, Manurewa and Flat Bush.

And the Fire Service said one of the people who called 111 reported pictures being blown off their wall.

The NZTA says Roscommon Road has now reopened.

But Langley Road, Mayo Road and Bolderwood Place remain closed to traffic.

Drivers are being asked to follow the directions of Emergency Services who are at the scene.

Witnesses recall explosions

Loretta lives in Howick and heard the explosion there, she thought it was something on her roof.

"I thought there was something on my roof - I ran upstairs to check. It was quite something here."

This witness Derek is a cab driver and says it sounded like a rock landed on his van.

"I looked at my van to see if it was alright, and then all of the teachers came running out from the blind school saying 'hey did you here that?' and not long after that, there were streams of emergency services heading down Browns Road."

Jerry was right next to the explosion in an oil storage depot.

He told Danny Watson it was a huge explosion.

"Bits of metal probably flying 150 metres into the's pretty crazy."

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