Scientists Think They've Found A Way To Get To Mars In Just 30 Minutes

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Thursday, 25 February 2016, 10:40AM

Imagine! Scientists are saying they are first looking at technology that could allow a way to get to Mars in a few days but this could be further cut down to 30 minutes... 

Hollywood has got in on the action with "The Martian," but the Red Planet has loomed large in our collective imagination for a while now. Now, a video released by NASA has revealed the idea that we could get to the planet in just a few days.

"There are recent advances that take this from science fiction to science reality," scientist Philip Lubin says in the video, titled "Going Interstellar." "There is no known reason why we can not do this."

Lubin explained how humans could use a wafer-thin spacecraft with a meter-sized 'laser sail', which would help the craft reach 26% of the speed of light in around 10 minutes.

Featured image credit: NASA Goddard Space via Flickr

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