Student Creates London Tube-Style Map Of NZ

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Thursday, 5 May 2016, 9:33PM

A Christchurch student has created a London tube-style map to showcase New Zealand's state highway network.

Andrew Douglas-Clifford, 22, is doing a Masters in Geographic Information Science (MGIS) at University of Canterbury "hence the love for cool maps".

After always having a fascination for metro network maps, he spent five weeks in several European cities last year, including time travelling on the London underground.

It inspired him to think how those metro networks might look in New Zealand.

He began creating his own Kiwi maps in his spare time earlier this year.

Mr Douglas-Clifford started with the South Island and when he posted it to social media, he was "blown away" by the interest in them.

A print company then approached him about making copies available for sale.

He then followed up with a North Island version and a nationwide map.

Since they went on the market on Tuesday, he says he's had a "pretty awesome response".

NZ Herald

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