Witnesses Tell Of "Green Light" Flash In Night Sky (+VIDEO)

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Thursday, 12 February 2015, 8:30AM

Theories are emerging about a big flash of light and loud boom witnessed by many last night.

It was seen by people in both the North and South Islands around 10pm.

VIDEO: Tauranga Dash Cam Catches Mysterious Meteor

One of them was Colin from Feilding:

"It was quite a long span of green light."

Kay says she received a call from her daughter in Northcote near the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

"She said it went flying a lot of spitting sparks, everything and it appeared to land in the basin beside the motorway."

Palmerston North Astronomical Society spokesman Noel Munford says it was probably a fireball that interacted with the earth's atmosphere, much like a stone being skipped off a lake surface.

"And in this case it's been flying through space, bounced into the earth's atmosphere, had an incredible fiery encounter and then the thing has probably skipped off out into space again."

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