ACC live on air vasectomy during commentary goes viral worldwide

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Friday, 3 February 2017, 2:49PM

ACC Head and now Hauraki Head Grot Lane has gone viral after having his vasectomy broadcast live on air.

Overseas news sites have been quick to pick up on Mike Lane's antics during Monday's Black Caps vs Australia cricket game.

As part of the Alternative Commentary Collective, Lane received a vasectomy at City Med in Auckland while continuing to watch the game and commentate via his phone.

His surgery, which makes for hilariously uncomfortable viewing, was streamed live on Facebook.

The Huffington Post picked up on the story, reporting that "a dedicated cricket commentator has not let his health stand in the way of his line of duty".

The website reported the footage "wasn't for the faint-hearted".

A USA Today report said: "It's pretty incredible that he's able to keep going with what he's dealing with, and also, the facial expressions are just crazy.

"If this was a stunt, it worked."

Vice Sports reported that it was "a bit of a first".

Lane looks in pain most of the video, before eventually signing off saying: "Might have to leave you fellas, things are starting to get a little bit intimate."

But it wasn't long before he was back at work, returning to Eden Park armed with a stash of prescription painkillers.

via NZ Herald

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