Apple has leaked some big news about the iPhone 8

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017, 8:20AM
Photo / Youtube

Photo / Youtube

It has been reported before that Apple has some big plans for the iPhone 8, and how it is going to "revolutionise" the modern phone.

These reports are a step closer to being a reality as Apple confirms a rumor that it has placed an order for 70 million OLED screens.

Now, an OLED screen isn't just you're average LED screen, as you can probably tell by the added O. It's what you would call an infinity screen, where there's no edge of the screen, just the side of the phone.

The other benefits include a thinner, lighter, better contrast, and the fact that it doesn't need a backlight to be visible.

All this thinner, lighter, non-backlit stuff is nice, but hopefully they start listening to their audience this time around, and build a phone that doesn't die as soon as an updated model releases.

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