Axl Rose Wants Google To Take Down Fat Pics

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016, 2:52PM
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Getty Images

Everyone hates it when their friends post a not-so-nice photo of them on the internet - but singer Axl Rose has taken that hate to a new level.

The Guns N' Roses rocker, who is on tour with AC/DC while filling in for the band's front man Brian Johnson, has had it with people poking fun at him by making memes about his weight gain. The singer is now demanding that Google remove all of the unflattering pics of him with a cease and desist notice.

According to TorrentFreak Web Sheriff sent a notice on Rose's behalf stating: "Copyright image of Axl Rose. Please be advised that no permission has been granted to publish the copyright image so we cannot direct you to an authorised example of it."

Rose claims he owns the copyright to the photos, despite not having taken them himself.

"All official/accredited photographers at [Axl Rose] shows sign-off on 'Photography Permission' contracts / 'Photographic Release' agreements which a) specify and limit the manner in which the photos can be exploited and b) transfer copyright ownership in such photos to AR's relevant service company."

Google has yet to respond to Rose's request.

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