Brian Tamaki's party hits first hurdle as Tim Batt purchases party domain

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Thursday, 23 May 2019, 6:06PM


Brian Tamaki should probably have thought of buying the domain name for his own party before someone else got to it. Alas, he didn't.

Instead, comedian Tim Batt did.

He then set it up to redirect to a YouTube video of episode one of "The Male Gayz", a show about what it means to be LBGTQIA+ in the modern world.

Twitter users thought the redirect was a great idea.

"You sexy genius," Matt Gibb commented.

Batt says he spent some serious money purchasing the domain.

"I cannot express to you how much debt I'm in / how much I shouldn't have bought this one (and the .nz version, hahaha)," he wrote in a subsequent tweet.

Twitter users offered to contribute towards the costs of buying the domains but Batt has suggested they donate the money to Rainbow Youth instead.

Destiny Church's leaders Brian and Hannah Tamaki today unveiled their new party, which she will lead, called "Coalition New Zealand".

The new party will not be a Christian party, they said, but rather aimed at a "silent majority" of New Zealanders who are believed to be unhappy with where society is heading.

According to Hannah Tamaki, the party will promote strong "family values".

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