Duck walks into pub, downs pint, fights dog

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 8:22AM


Ladies & Gentlemen that is the headline of the year! 

A duck wearing a bow tie suffered injuries following a brawl with a dog in a pub in Chulmleigh, Devon, UK.

The dapper duck, named Star, was enjoying a pint with his owner Barrie Hayman when Hayman's dog Meggie reportedly started the fight.

Star's beak was injured in the brawl, which took place at The Old Courthouse Inn.

"Star pushed his luck too far and Meggie snapped - splitting Star's bottom beak right down the middle," Hayman told the Cheddar Valley Gazette.

"He gave her a stare, then promptly stood on her back. It was not pretty and not nice. We were so scared we would lose Star.

"He had to be rushed to the vets and go under anaesthetic, which is always risky and could go either way with ducks and other small animals.

"Thankfully our Star is a tough cookie and it looks like he came out okay."

Star is known in the area for regularly enjoying a pint of ale at the Inn, always in his bow tie.

The duck was rushed to the vets and is expected to make a full recovery - but should probably stay off drinking for a little bit.

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