Guy's Horrific Story About Clogging The Toilet At His Girlfriend's House

Publish Date
Wednesday, 23 December 2015, 2:43PM


Now this is a true story... Well it was on the internet so it's as true as anything on the internet...

A reddit user shared probably the most horrific story of an awkward situation at his girlfriend's toilet and a scene a neighbour who will never forget...

"This TIFU actually happened last week. I’m 26M and have been dating my girlfriend24F for over 2 years but she just moved into her apartment(Top floor of a house) last month. So we decided to eat Mexican and I have a terrible thing called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (along came Polly) and I started feeling what felt like a volcanic eruption brewing in my stomach so I head to the bathroom(I haven’t shat in her bathroom yet) and release a mountain of feces. Well within minutes I’ve managed to fill this entire toilet with shit. I try to courtesy flush and the water didn’t even swirl because it was so full. My girlfriend chimes in to ask if I’m ok to which I lie and say “Yes I’m fine I’ll be right out.” Her parents are arriving any minute to pick us up so I need to act fast. I look outside her window in the bathroom and decide the only way to resolve this is to throw poop out of her bathroom window into the shrubs in between her place and the neighbors. So, my pants still at my ankle’s I decide to grab as much shit as I can out of the toilet and start throwing it out of her window until the toilet will flush. After I flush and wash my hands longer than I ever have in my life I pull my pants up and go to close the window when I realize the neighbor is in tears laughing as he watched everything unfold.

TL;DR Took an enormous dump at my girlfriends. Clogged the toilet. Grabbed poop with my own hands to throw out of the window. Neighbor saw the entire thing happen."


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