Half-naked man luges down Kaimai range

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Wednesday, 25 January 2017, 1:32PM

Meanwhile in New Zealand...

Video has emerged of a half-naked man riding down the Kaimai Range on a luge.

Tauranga man Travis Scott said he and his friends had the afternoon off yesterday and had the cart, which they were taking turns with in Minden, but "got bored of it and wanted a challenge".

"So the boys said they'd buy a box if I did [the] Kaimais," Mr Scott told Bay of Plenty Times.

The video shows him shirtless and travelling down the west side of the State Highway 29 range, being filmed by someone travelling in a car behind. At times the cart ventures across double lines and heavy freight trucks can be seen travelling in the opposite direction.

At one point the person filming pans to capture a line of traffic stuck travelling behind them before continuing to film the luge rider.

The section of the SH29 is considered to be one of the most dangerous and busy sections of road in the region.

Via NZ Herald

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