Here's Why There Is A Hole At The End Of A Pen Lid

Publish Date
Friday, 5 February 2016, 7:20AM


You've probably never ever wondered why there is a useless hole at the end of a pen lid, but the reason why is actually fascinating!

It's common for people to chew on a pen lid whilst working, mainly just out of habit, a Bic lid will most probably at some point had made it between your lips.

So being aware of this, in 1991 Bic brought in a small hole at the end of their lids in order to reduce the chance of suffocation. This means that with the hole, even if you swallow the lid, it means you can breathe.

Be safe in knowing that you will never die from swallowing a bic pen lid. 

So there you go, a completely useless but interesting facts.


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