Hooters Waitress Reveals Secrets Of The Job

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Monday, 11 July 2016, 2:33PM
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Hooters is one of the world's most famous restaurant chains, arguably known for its waitresses rather than its food.

But beyond its staff's physical attributes, little is really known about the life of a Hooters worker.

That is until one of its waitresses took to Reddit last week to answer questions about her job.

She explained: "I'm shy, quiet, and nerdy. Completely the opposite of what you would think a hooters girl to be like, but somehow I got hired anyways. Obvious throwaway is obvious. Ask me anything!"

Using the alias "hootiecutie", the Canadian local said she applied for a job at the chain six months ago to "get experience", but has ambitions to become a teacher or book editor one day.

She was quizzed on everything from working hours to flirting with customers, and didn't hold back on her responses.

One Redditor asked if she finds it hard to "respect" customers who may be more interested in the waitresses' looks than the food itself.

"The regular customers I have a hard time respecting," she admitted. "But just general customers, I don't think I see them any differently than I would customers at a different restaurant."

Another Reddit user commented on the "caked on" makeup worn by the waitresses and enquired as to the company's makeup policy.

"Officially, we need to be wearing at least blusher/bronzer, lipgloss and mascara but any time a girl has worn the bare minimum, she's gotten in trouble," she replied.

"When I applied, I opted for a more natural look and was told that I needed to wear more makeup."

She also explained that she's not allowed to wear nail polish, but can have a French manicure. Jewellery and visible tattoos are a no-no and hair highlights can only be shades different. Regrowth is also unacceptable.

People were also intrigued by the hiring process, with one asking how the company gets around obviously selecting staff based on their looks.

Hootiecutie explained that the appearance requirement was based on staff being hired as "entertainers" rather than waitresses.

Hooters customer Rangerhiker said it seemed like the Hooters girls were flirting with him and asked how he could tell if it was genuine or not.

The reply was: "98% chance it's not real."

She also went on to say after receiving a tip she would turn away from a table, immediately drop her smile and "roll her eyes".

In one particularly cringe worthy encounter, she describes how a fellow female customer "wouldn't let the guy she was with speak to me even to order."

But she stressed this was an isolated incident and feels that "lots of the women are really nice and just genuinely curious. But I do live in Canada, and I think attitudes towards sexuality are a lot more liberal here."

While some might be left wondering why she would take up the job, Hootiecutie said while she just earns minimum wage, given her lack of experience, she believes "It's a lot better than any of the other low experience jobs out there."

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