How KFC Makes Its Fried Chicken

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Thursday, 7 April 2016, 9:57AM

At KFC's press event, KFC head chef Bob Das and US comedian Rachel Dratch showcased a step-by-step look at how the company's fried chicken, originally patented by Colonel Sanders, is made.

Here are the eight steps (that are often carried out seven times) to make KFC's fried chicken:

1. Prepare the batter - flour, salt, milk, egg powder and the Colonel's secret seasoning.

2. Scout through chicken and inspect for damaged pieces/defects.

 Dip the chicken in cold water for seven seconds to ensure that the breading mix will stick to the chicken. (Change water after every batch)

4. After dipping the uncooked chicken in water for seven seconds, let it drip dry for seven seconds.

5. Dip the chicken in to the breading batter and fold it in the seasoning seven times.

6. Scoop the chicken into a basket, shaking off excess breading batter.

7. Rack the chicken and arrange it on a tray. (Don't forget to fold the tips of the wings underneath the piece of chicken to prevent burnt ends!)

8. Stack battered chicken pieces on to KFC's racks and place in pressure fryer for 25 minutes.

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