Introducing the first "Shower Beer"

Publish Date
Monday, 9 January 2017, 5:01PM

Bless the Swedes! 

Not only are they the most beautiful people on the planet, they've now created a perfect for that time you've in the shower and need some refreshment. 

Here's a bit of info on the project. 

'We chose to create the Shower Beer. A sweet but strong pale ale in a 18 cl small bottle meant to gulp in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night. It will of course also work to start the night in any bar alone or with your friends. Screen printed in pink on a brown small glass bottle we want the Shower Beer to be seen by being slender, elegant and different. The first batch sold out instantly at the first release party. The 2nd is in the brewery tanks.'

Find out more here

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