Is This The Worst Parking Ever?

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Saturday, 2 April 2016, 9:12AM


A terribly parked black SUV snapped in the upmarket Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn has baffled social media users, who can't understand how anyone could get it so wrong.

The picture, which has been shared on Facebook, shows the car parked on a diagonal in the middle of the road, with its front end just over the edge of the bus-stop, right in front of yellow-dotted lines.

It's unclear what might have caused the car to be parked in such a manner, but there is clearly no driver in the car.

The picture has caused social media users a fair few chuckles as they speculate on the reasons for it.

One commented it was the worst parking he'd seen.

Others thought it might have broken down, or that it could have been a medical emergency.

NZ Herald

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