Jimmy Kimmel has completely ripped Bill English for his pizza

Publish Date
Friday, 7 April 2017, 8:25AM


You may have seen Bill English's Facebook post earlier this week showing off his culinary skills by putting together a not-so-gourmet looking pizza for his family.

The abomination has now hit the international stage as Jimmy Kimmel picked it up and put the PM on blast on his show.

Kimmel even went as far as comparing English with Trump because of his spaghetti-pineapple antics.

"We can be pretty hard on Donald Trump but they have a guy in New Zealand, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, a gentleman named Bill English, who I think is even worse and I'm going to show you why," 

"He put canned spaghetti and pineapples on a pizza - this motherf***er.

"That is so offensive, that is an act of war. I think he just declared war on Italy and maybe Hawaii too.

"Impeach that man immediately, New Zealand. This is why I've always preferred Old Zealand."

And if you didn't catch it, here's the original post:

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