Police use KFC to capture wild pig in Waihi

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018, 3:44PM
Facebook / Helen Macky

Facebook / Helen Macky

Warning: This story will make you hungry...

A 150kg wild pig got on the loose of the streets of Waihi and the only thing local Police could do to stop it was to use the power of the Colonel...

According to the report on Stuff staff at a nearby KFC and St John ambulance officers came to the rescue.

Waihi police Constable Harley North told Gold FM about how KFC was the secret to the arrest.

"They fed it KFC chips and bread rolls to distract the pig and stop it running down Seddon St."

The beast was then corralled into a makeshift pen at the local Presbyterian church.

The highlight of the story though had to be GOLD FM's post detailing the event with the most gratuitous use bad puns and dad jokes ever.

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