Science Reveals The Most Dangerous Sexual Position

Publish Date
Thursday, 22 January 2015, 2:38PM

Sex isn't only dangerous because of the STDs you can catch...sometimes danger lies in the position in which people get down to business. 

According to a study out of Brazil, the woman-on-top “cowgirl” position poses the biggest physical injury risk during intercourse between a man and a woman. According to The Independent, “the woman-on-top position during intercourse was deemed responsible for half of all penile fractures sustained during sex in cases recorded at three hospitals…” in Brazil. Basically scientists say this may be because the woman controls the penis with her entire body weight landing on it and is unable to interrupt it when it suffers a ‘wrong way penetration’. The harm is usually minor for her and with no pain - but major in the penis...

And an AUDIBLE SNAP can be heard. DUDE!!!

The second most dangerous position in terms of penile fracture was doggy style and least dangerous position of all missionary position. The study asserts that risk of energy is minimised when the man doing the penetrating is controlling all of the movement.


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