The Best Memes Of The Girl Being Chased By A Peacock

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Thursday, 30 June 2016, 5:16PM


When a little girl in North Carolina was captured by her Mum running in terror from a peacock at a local Petting Zoo, her aunt did what any loving relative would do... Uploaded it to social media.

The original image. Photo / Reddit
source: reddit

Unsurprisingly the internet responded in hilarious fashion, creating a host of memes using some rather impressive Photoshop skills.

Here are the best of the best...

This one was first out of the blocks, running alongside Usain Bolt. Photo / chase447, imgur
source: chase447/imgur

Running from a T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Photo / livethroughthis4, imgur
source: livethroughthis4/imgur

One would think she was actually in this Game of Thrones scene. Photo / kindagoodpainter, imgur
source: kindagoodpainter/imgur

Running from the boulder in Indiana Jones. Photo / imgur
source: imgur

Sweet, sweet revenge. Photo / jmprog, imgur
source: jmprog/imgur

Escaping danger in the Avengers. Photo / WetCoastLife, imgur
source: WetCoastLife/imgur

‘Peacocks’: the Movie. Photo / beethy, imgur
source: beethy/imgur

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