This Image Is Driving The Internet Crazy - How Many 3s Do You See?

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Saturday, 2 April 2016, 9:10AM


It's been shared and commented on hundreds of thousands of times, but few can seem to agree on exactly how many times the number three appears on the image of an iPhone screen.

Posted to Facebook the caption reads: "How many 3's do you see?? I bet no one will get this right!" There is also a request to "share the page" once you've figured it out, but commenters indeed seem to be confused.

How many 3's do you see?? I bet no one will get this right!Share Hollywood Shawtyz for the answer!

Posted by Hollywood Shawtyz on Saturday, February 20, 2016

While some are adamant they've got it right, others question if the number three mentioned in the opening sentence, outside of the picture, is being counted by some.

The number appears in several different places in the image: on the key pad - including where the number 8 is usually found and in place of where the "i" should be below the number 4 - the time, the battery charge and the name of the caller.

A quick glance at a few of the comments reveals people guessing a range of numbers from 10 to 29.

Several media outlets report the correct number as 19. How many 3s do you see?

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