This Is The Best Time Of Day To Do Number Twos

Publish Date
Friday, 26 February 2016, 9:27AM

“For most people, the best time and their regular time is in the morning,” says says Kenneth Koch, M.D., chief, section on gastroenterology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. That’s because your small intestine and colon process the food you ate the day before while you sleep. That food tends to pass through your body once you start your morning, and most of us are running to the bathroom within 30 minutes, says Koch.

Just like skipping your morning cup of coffee would throw your whole day off, your bowels also love habits. If you miss a step going through your morning routine, it can mess with your bowel movements, says Koch. That’s when irregularity starts to seep in.

Anything from one bowel movement a week to three times a day is normal, says Stephen B. Hanauer, M.D., medical director of the Northwestern Medicine Digestive Health Center.

“The best way to have regular bowel habits is to be regular in the things that effect bowel habits,” says Hanauer. A major factor: your diet. Coffee, fruits, veggies, and fiber give you the assist that’ll make you go. 

So the key thing is just being regular, and the 'one a day' rule seems to be rubbish!


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