UK Woman Uses Semen Faces Mask & Drinks Semen Smoothies For Good Health

Publish Date
Saturday, 12 November 2016, 8:28AM

Tracy Kiss, 29, from Buckinghamshire, says that she has enlisted the help of her best friend to supply her with his sperm in order to boost her immunity.

According to The Sun Tracy has now been reaping the benefits saying that she is 'full of beans'.

She said: 'I'd been feeling run down and had no energy, but now I'm full of beans and my mood has improved.

This is not the first time that Tracy has introduced the unusual ingredient into her beauty regime.

Tracy admitted that she uses her friends semen for a rather extreme facial on her YouTube channel last year.

The mother described how said friend delivers his semen to her in plastic pots from the Chinese takeaway, which she then rubs into her skin and leaves to sink in for up to 20 minutes.

Read the full story at NZ Herald

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