Woman flying with Delta Air finds poo in her blanket

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Monday, 20 March 2017, 4:39PM
Photo / Youtube/Twitter

Photo / Youtube/Twitter

Imagine this, your settling in to your long haul flight, you ask for a blanket so you can catch up on some much needed sleep, you receive said blanket, and then open it up to find a wee turd folded into it.

That was the horrific reality for Nicole Byer, who had the misfortune of receving Delta Air's first poo blanket.

Now in this situation, you have two options, you can either quietly shake the nugget off (will only work if dry) or go full Samuel L. Jackson and yell "I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS MOTHER****** S**T ON THIS MOTHER******* PLANE!"

Byer went for the more middle of the road approach and freaked out while managing to snap a pic for her twitter - even though the Samuel L. Jackson way would've been a whole lot cooler.

Here's the shot that she posted:

After she had calmed down and the staff had removed the problematic blanket, Byer had time to debrief the situation.


But that just raises a lot of questions that no one would ever want to think about like 'Why?' 

That's about it. Why the f**k would someone want to take a s**t in a plane blanket?

Seriously though...