Brockie Applauds Hudson's Tough Criticism

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Tuesday, 12 January 2016, 3:15PM


All Whites forward Jeremy Brockie is applauding his national coach for saying what he believes many have been thinking.

Coach Anthony Hudson's been critical of the lack of internationals since he took over the national side 18 months ago. Brockie believes it's holding the team back.

"We can't get together on a consistent basis and it's hard for Anthony and the coaching staff to keep implementing it as a trial of play when we're only catching up three times a year."

Hudson's also criticised young players in this country, labelling them delusional and Brockie said he's noticed it as well.

He said Leeds United striker Chris Wood is the athlete young players should look up to.

"He's always the last person to get off the training pitch, he'll go and do extra shooting and given that extra work and being in that professional environment definitely grows you and you learn a lot."

Yesterday, New Zealand Football's Under 17s coach Danny Hay echoed Hudson's comments, saying: "There's no harder pill to swallow than the old truth pill."

"What [Hudson] has said on both accounts talking about young players and talking about the All Whites games, he's hit the nail on the head."

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