Carolina Panthers fan sucker punches an old man

Publish Date
Saturday, 14 October 2017, 12:48PM

What. The. F...

Video has emerged showing the moment a fight broke out at Bank of America Stadium Thursday night, as Carolina Panthers fans were watching their team take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

The video shows a man wearing a Cam Newton jersey turn around and address an older man seated behind him, wearing a white T-shirt.

The Panthers fan then proceeds to punch the older man several times, causing blood to stream down the victim's face.

Fans seated around the duelling pair stepped in to separate them, and eventually, the younger man grabbed his girlfriend and left.

Warren Carrigan is the man who shot the video. He wrote in the caption that the older man complained to the couple for standing throughout the game - blocking his view.

This article was first published on and is republished here with permission.

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