Hayne A Highlight For 49ers Coach

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Sunday, 3 January 2016, 11:07AM
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San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Tomsula has pointed to Jarryd Hayne's growth as an NFL player as one of the highlights of the team's largely dismal season.

Throughout the year Tomsula has offered mixed reviews on the rugby league convert, including axing Hayne on October 31 before signing him to their practice squad two days later.

In recent days Tomsula and offensive co-ordinator Geep Chryst were openly critical of mistakes Hayne made as the starting running back in Sunday's loss against the Detroit Lions.

But the coach, when asked on Friday to identify any 49ers he didn't think received the recognition they deserved, chose Hayne as one of his examples.

"We were all excited about Jarryd the other day," Tomsula said.

"You saw stuff that he has been working on in practice that Tom (running back coach Tom Rathman) has had him doing and you saw that show up on game day, which it wasn't before.

"That is something you just have to do and keep doing."

The 49ers have a disappointing four-win, 11-loss season record and were ruled out of the playoffs weeks ago.

Hayne is expected to play the St Louis Rams in their season finale at the 49ers' Levi's Stadium on Sunday.

An injury cloud still hangs over another running back Mike Davis, who could return to the field after suffering a broken hand two months ago.

Tomsula declined to update Davis' health for the Rams, but it should be revealed when the 49ers announce their game status report after Friday's afternoon practice.

Hayne, DuJuan Harris and Kendall Gaskins appear likely to be the three running backs the 49ers play.

Hayne, proving his popularity with 49ers' faithful, was selected by the team this week for their "Meet the Niners" question and answer Twitter session with fans.

Hayne confirmed he is single with a "lol yes" answer to a female fan and said the beach at Santa Cruz was one of his favourite spots in the San Francisco Bay area.

The 49ers' dieticians and the chefs of many of San Francisco's great restaurants would likely be horrified by some of his answers, although he might score himself an endorsement deal with Snickers.

Not only did Hayne name Snickers as his favourite "candy", but when asked for his favourite restaurant in the San Francisco he named the nationwide chain The Cheesecake Factory that's renowned for huge servings and desserts.

"I got introduced to the Cheesecake Factory in 2012 by my good friend (NRL player) Timmy Mannah and the Snickers Cheesecake is my favourite Cheesecake," Hayne said.

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