McCullum Brings Up Remarkable Test Century

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Friday, 12 February 2016, 9:06AM


Brendon McCullum's given the secret to his longevity in test cricket.

Injuries, dips in form and a busy schedule have been unable to stop the Black Caps captain, who will today notch up his 100th consecutive test when New Zealand meet Australia at Wellington's Basin Reserve.

McCullum said through the trials and tribulations, his mindset has spurred him on.

"When you're under pressure externally, from media and fans, and you're desperate for a performance yourself, you're able to use strength of character and a strong mind to be able to achieve."

New Zealand's won 11 of its last 20 tests and McCullum said it's been tremendous to observe their turnaround in that period.

"The last 15-20 tests have been an incredible part of my life. I think the changes we've been able to make and the evolution of the environment and the performances we've been able to put up - you look back with a sense of pride."

The back may be weaker and the blonde hair gone, but there are similarities between Brendon McCullum's first test and his 100th.

He made his debut against South Africa in 2004, scoring 57 in his first innings

McCullum said his mangled Black Cap and sweaty thigh pad, which he wore that day, are the same he'll pull on at the Basin Reserve.

He said there was a bit of superstition behind that decision, but it also "symbolises the hard work and where you've been."

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