Reynolds Should Be Fined For John Hopoate-Like Incident

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016, 8:05AM

Belief Bulldogs five-eighth Josh Reynolds should be handed a hefty fine by the NRL for his John Hopoate-like incident.

Reynolds reached between the legs of good friend Aidan Sezer as the Canberra playmaker attempted to feed a scrum during their NRL match in Sydney.

The two played together in the under-20s and lower grades at the Bulldogs in 2010 and 2011, before Sezer switched clubs.

Former NRL Match Review Committee chairman Greg McCallum said he'd give him a $10,000 fine.

"People say 'well it was nothing' or whatever but there's a photo on the back page of the paper today with his finger in an inappropriate place. That's where the damage is done. It's done to the image of the game.

"Clearly bringing the game into disrepute. To do something like that, obviously with so many cameras and photographers at games these days he's going to get caught. I think even $10,000 for stupidity would be a good start".

It's has been compared to Hopoate's infamous foul-play finger incident in 2001.

Reynolds has dismissed the incident as merely a joke between two long-time friends.

Despite "so many cameras and photographers at games", a lack of CCTV footage could be a hurdle in attempts to prosecute the man who threw a glass bottle at the Canberra bench during their NRL match against Canterbury.

Bulldogs officials have identified the individual with the help of fans near the incident.

However there is no CCTV cameras at the Belmore Sportsground which could hamper efforts to have the offender officially identified and prosecuted.

The bottle tossed narrowly missed Raiders players on the sideline, instead exploding on one of the club's exercise bikes.

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