The moment the Aussies cheated us of a Boxing Day Test victory

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Thursday, 2 May 2019, 8:36AM

Aussies... No surprises there!

The last time the Black Caps played a Boxing Day Test at the MCG it was the year of 1987. 

The Black Caps were one Wicket away from a famous victory. A young D.K. Morrison was steaming in bowling to Australia's Number 11 batsmen Craig McDermott. A beautiful late swinging delivery crashed into McDermott's pad right in front of the stumps as plumb as any bastmen has ever been in the history of cricket.

Morrison and the slip cordon appealed. The Umpire raised his finger. McDermot walked off as the Kiwis celebrated grabbing stumps, the Aussie crowd were stunned in silence except for a collection of New Zealand fans scattered amongst the giant Colosseum who were blind drunk on VB beer and sports ecstasy. 

However, this is not what happened... 

Umpire DICK French stood still like a statue as Morrison crumbled mid-pitch in disbelief of how the decision was not out. 

The crowd knew it was out. The commentators knew it was out. Even McDermot knew it was out. His butthole would have been tighter than the shirts his batting partner at the other end Mike Whitney used to wear on 'Who Dares Wins'.

So the Aussies were able to grind their way through the final Over against Sir Richard Hadlee and claim a draw. Which of course they humbly celebrated... 

Not this time!

The Black Caps return to Melbourne for a chance at redemption this year and we are giving away the chance for you and a mate to score a free trip to watch history be corrected.

Thankfully there is no one in the Aussie team involved in underhanded tactics to win games anymore. Oh, wait...

Words by Joseph Durie - Please direct all hate to Joe_Ray_Me on Twitter

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